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If you suspect that you have AFib, or have been diagnosed with it, you may feel concerned or even fearful about the changes you’ll encounter as you seek to manage the condition. Although each person will have their own unique experience with AFib and will find different ways to manage the changes.

We have all cultivated nutritional habits, and AFib may push you into making some diet-related habit adjustments, particularly if you are taking medication. However, a healthy diet is important for everyone so if AFib serves as a trigger to help you choose healthier foods, perhaps people in your family will join you and you’ll all get healthier together as you learn what works best for managing atrial fibrillation.

On the pages below, you’ll find tips and insight about:

AFib and Healthy Weight Management

Anti-coagulation and Healthy Nutrition

Food and Nutrition for Your Healthiest Heart

Should I be concerned about certain foods?

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