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Having heart-related issues like atrial fibrillation may make you feel concerned about whether it’s safe for you to exercise, even if you’ve been regularly involved in consistent physical activity for years. You may be concerned that raising your heart rate by exercising could actually worsen your AFib. Recent studies indicate that some people living with AFib do better with exercise.

In most cases and for most people, moderate exercise is beneficial for both your heart and your AFib symptoms, although there are some individuals who find that exercise seems to trigger symptoms of AFib.

A recent small study on AFib and exercise found that people with Afib who engaged in regular exercise reported fewer problems with AFib symptoms and said their quality of life improved. They were able to better manage their everyday activities than those with AFib who didn't exercise.

Physical activity can also help lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, and improve energy and sleep. So whether you’re just starting or you’re a trained athlete, if your doctor has said exercise is okay for you, feel free to get up and move each day.

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Recent Gym Discussions

  • 4 Replies
    I have had that happen playing golf, hot and humid and likely dehydrated.  Don't think it's golf, it's the other factors.  Spontaneous conversion minutes after hydrating.
    May you all play well!
  • 4 Replies
    I am an active golfer with paroxysmal AFIB.  I have had several on-course events, including my very first AFIB event.  My events are usually associated with temperatures 90 or higher (live in NC) and/or high humidity.  When the temps ri...
  • 4 Replies
    I know for a fact that a hot humid day, if i am active like golf or tennis, that's my only trigger for AFib. I now keep myself well hydrated and I do not do anything physical on a hot humid day.
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