Researchers Are Seeking Your Input (Survey)

Feb 28
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Researchers Are Seeking Your Input (Survey)

Posted by Mellanie at on February 28,  2018  6:53pm EST

Researchers at the University of Rochester/Rochester Institute of Technology have developed a smartphone app for detecting atrial fibrillation. They have requested that we share their survey with you to give them feedback on the feasibility of making such an app and a service available to those with afib.

If you are interested in helping them with this survey, please go to this link (, watch the 1-minute video, and fill out the survey. It will be a year or two before the application and service will be ready to roll out, but this will help them understand if there is a need for it. 

For those who are interested, this is one of the early applications in the US of what is called "photoplethysmography", which is measuring micro-changes in the skin to detect changes in the heart. This app uses the face whereas Apple's watch (Apple Heart Study with Stanford, uses sensors on the wrist. 

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    Mellanie at,
    Just a reminder - if you have not already filled out this survey, please consider doing so. Thanks.Mellanie
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