New Daily and Weekly Digest- Community Member Action Needed

Aug 22
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New Daily and Weekly Digest- Community Member Action Needed

Posted by on August 22,  2018  1:35pm EST

 If you are receiving the MyAFibExperience daily digest, you will notice that it looks a bit different today! However, if you are not signed up to receive one, we want to encourage you to do this.  The digest has undergone some great enhancements. We are very excited to have improved the look and usability of the digest want to make sure you have taken the steps necessary to have a daily and/or weekly accounting of MyAfibExperience activity delivered to your inbox! However, there are actions you must take in order to allow these things to occur. 

You must update your notification settings. Your Notification settings are accessible from the My Account section of the site.

My Account settings can be found near the dashboard by clicking on Your Username (Top right corner) > My Account 


Tab 1: My Account
From the My Account tab, you can also change your primary condition, geographic location or password. However, for today, please look to the right, to the third tab, Notifications. We need you to update your notifications settings.

Tab 3: Notifications
 This section allows you to choose notification frequency.
New Content Notifications - Choose to be notified of new profile comments and conversation forums you're following.
Activities of Interest - Choose to be notified about numerous community features along with the frequency of notification (daily or weekly)

Please Note: Once you have updated your top three settings, scroll below and decide what information you want daily and what information you want to know about on a weekly basis. Important: We are not offering a Monthly digest at this time. If you had originally selected the monthly option, your digest will default to a weekly setting.

If you have any questions, need assistance or have trouble logging in, please email us at and we'd be happy to assist you.


  • Thumper2

    I don't understand what happened here -- now when I look at AFib >> Home, I see 82 pages of posts!  How is this supposed to be helpful?

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • DkinAA

    I was puzzled to see almost nothing in the digest this morning. I agree - this is extremely confusing - it looked to me that everything I wanted was already selected. Knowing that we are dealing with buggy software hacked up by marginal developers, I unselected and reselected all my choices in hopes that whatever was supposed to happen here, might actually happen. Once I hit update, the page reloaded (?) but no other feedback to tell me that anything registered. I hit update a second time and go the same useless result. Here's hoping!



  • MellanieSAF


    The 82 pages of posts is no different from what was there before; the request above from Katie has no relationship to that. We have been using "At Home" as the default forum since we moved over from the previous site because that is where most of the previous posts were getting posted. A search can help you find anything you are looking for that was previously posted, and you should not have to page through 82 pages because you should have already seen all that in the digest if you have been receiving it. 


    I agree - when you press Update, it should give you a confirmation message that it was updated. But, if you reload the page, it should show the current version of your settings.



  • Thumper2

    Thanks, Mellanie, for all your help in guiding us through the maze of posts.

    Thumper2 (Judy)

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