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Apr 13
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MyAFib Experience FAQ's

Posted by on April 13,  2018  9:56am EST

We hope you find these FAQ's to be helpful. If you need additional information, please contact us at

  1. Question FAQ’s for MyAFib Blog Poston: I am an original My Afib Experience member, how can I log onto the new site?

Answer:  Go to
• Click Login button; click Forgot your password 
• Enter the same email address used for My Afib Experience; click Reset Password 
• Check your email inbox for AHA Reset Password email; click hyperlink in email to reset password
• Choose new password; confirm that same password 

* As a registered user of MyAfibExperience, you also have access to the entire Support Network to learn and connect with other users about other cardiovascular conditions, stroke, or risk factors.

Log In Screen
After Login, you will be taken to your Dashboard to begin using MyAFibExperience. There are a few account-setting actions to take in the My Account section that will enhance your experience.

2. Question: How do I access My Account?
Answer: Once you’ve logged in, hover your mouse over your username in the top right corner of the screen, where you will see a drop-down menu. Click on the downward facing arrow on the right. From the menu, select My Account to access the page. (Once you are logged into MyAfibExperience, you can easily navigate to the Support Network as well.)


 3. Question: I have a different Username than before; why and how do I change it back?
Answer: The updated site has different restrictions for usernames.  If your original username was more than 12 characters, the system automatically shortened it.


However, you can change your username in My Account. 

  • Create a new username between 5-12 characters (no symbols or spaces accepted) 
  • From the My Account tab, you can also change your primary condition, geographic location or password. 
  • Click Update to save any new selections/changes.
  • You can use this login for MyAfibExperience or the Support Network.
  1. Can I receive private messages on this site?
    You can choose whether or not to receive comments from other members. In order to accept comments from other members and to leave public profile comments for other members, you must update your account settings under the privacy tab. Please do not provide your public contact information on the site for others to view. 
    Choose the level of access (or privacy) that you want. 
    • Click Update to save your selections. 
    Privacy Selections
  2. Question: How do I access my profile comments?

Answer: Hover your mouse over your username in the top right corner of the screen, where you will see a drop-down menu. From the menu, select My Profile Comments to access your comments page.


How do I leave comments for someone else?
When you see their username on the site, click on it to be taken to their profile page. From there, you can leave a comment in the box on the right column.

 Profile Comments  

  1. How can I get an email digest of site activity?
    Answer: We have an email digest. To receive it, you must update your notification settings. To do this, go to My Account (you must be signed in to see it) and click on the third tab, Notifications. From here you can choose what you want to receive.

This section also allows you to choose notification frequency.

  • New Content Notifications - Choose to be notified of new profile comments and conversations in the forums you're following.
  • Activities of Interest - Choose to be notified about numerous community features along with the frequency of notification (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Click Update to save your selections.

Notifications Screen

  1. I have a hard time finding things on the site.
    Answer. MyAFibExperience has a dashboard and has two sections for activities: conversation forums and patient education information. My Afib Experience also shares features with the Support Network as they are sister sites on the same platform. The shared features include National Days and Months to Support, Regaining Your Independence and Your Questions Answers. These features can be found from the red toolbar that you see when you are logged into the dashboard. You can also navigate to the Support Network if you would like to learn more or connect with others about other cardiovascular or stroke conditions or risk factors.

How do I access and use my Dashboard to access the features of My Afib Experience and the Support Network?

Each time you log into the site, you are taken to your dashboard.  If your screen looks like the screen below, you are on your dashboard. Here you will find a variety of resources as you scroll down.

  • Link to the conversation forum of your primary condition
  • Healthcare Professionals Answer Your Questions
  • National Day and/or Month to Support
  • Activity Stream of the top 5 conversations in which you are participating. If you selected Afib as a condition when you joined My Afib Experience, you are automatically included in the Introduce Yourself conversation forum. NOTE: the number that you see in the top right button, YOUR DASHBOARD (1), relates to the number of response that have been received in the top 5 conversations that you are following. It will change as you read and review the posts on the Dashboard page.

 Dashboard 1

To access MyAFibExperience directly from the dashboard, click on the MyAFibExperience tab.MyAfib Tab

 What are the different sections of content available on My Afib Experience and how do I access them?

Using the red navigation bar at the top of the page there are 5 sections to the site that are broken down by topics.  

Section 1 Conversations and Community Forums: Reading from left to right, you can access the conversations under the Community forum section. Here you will find 11 forums in which to read and post conversations and comments.

Dashboard Community Forum

  Section 2 Patient Education MaterialsMoving to the right after Community Forums you will find four tabs with patient education content: Newly Diagnosed, Treatment, Lifestyle and Risk factors

Content Sections of AFib

Section 3 Survival Stories and Section 4 News/Blogs: Here you can find the stories of survival for all members of the Support Network and MyAFibExperience. Additionally, the News/Blog section is where we can post information we want the entire community to read and new topics and science of interest.


Section 5: Resources Here you can find all the downloadable resources that we have on the site. There is also a video library and information about MyAFibExperience and our partners


 Any time you want to return to the MyAFibExperience homepage forums, and patient education content, click on the image below.

Return MyAFibExperience


If you have additional questions or if we can be of assistance, please email us at


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