@Mentions are now available!

Feb 7
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@Mentions are now available!

Posted by Kerstin on February 7,  2017  4:12pm EST

Did you know that you can now @Mention other members in the My AFib Experience community in your forum posts, when commenting on events and blog posts, and also on profile page comments too? With an @Mention you can call someone’s attention to a post or comment that you’ve written so they can read it and reply.

How do you mention someone?

Type the @ symbol and then start typing the first or last name of the person you want to mention (no space after the @symbol please otherwise it doesn’t know who to look for!) and we will suggest names to choose from, like this: 


If the member you’re looking for does not display in the list, he or she has chosen not to receive any personal messages in the community. 

Want to be notified by email when someone mentions you?

Be sure to adjust your notification settings to make sure you’re receiving those alerts! @Mentions are a form of Private Messaging so your privacy settings will determine who is able to mention you, and your notification settings will determine whether or not you’re notified if someone does. 



At the moment, @Mention alerts aren’t instant; they are batched by the hour and sent out in one hourly notification. So if you’ve been mentioned a number of times in a short span of time, you won’t be bombarded with alerts!  


As with all of our new features, we’d love to get your feedback and of course if you’re having or finding any issues with it, please let us know.

Want to try it out?

Then why not @Mention me your questions and feedback!


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