How does My Afib Experience help you?

May 18
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How does My Afib Experience help you?

Posted by on May 18,  2018  8:42am EST

Each year, we run a survey to help us better understand your experience living with AFib and how this online community helps you manage your condition. With your help, we are looking to gain information from you to understand what resources we could develop to help you with managing your condition and living a better life.

Last year, we found that while most (99%) in our community are taking action to reduce their stroke risk, only 6 in 10 feel they have someone to confide in and fewer feel they  know other people living with AFib that they can talk to. This survey helps us better understand the types of connections and resources you need to feel supported and live your healthiest, best life.

Please consider taking 15 minutes to respond to the My AFib Experience Research Questionnaire.  If you complete the survey, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of ten $20 Amazon gift cards. 

Your individual answers will be anonymous and strictly confidential, of course.  If you decide to take the survey, once you answer each question, please click the “continue” button for the sequential question. 

Click Here to take My AFib Experience Research Questionnaire  

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