For Those On The Fence About Stroke Prevention... Please Watch This

Sep 28
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For Those On The Fence About Stroke Prevention... Please Watch This

Posted by Mellanie at on September 28,  2016  11:18am EST

Many of you know that, because I was never stable on warfarin, for genetic reasons (this was before the new blood thinners had been tested and approved), I felt like a stroke walking around waiting to happen when I still had afib. Because of this, and because of some strokes in my family, I feel very passionately about preventing strokes.

So, it was a great pleasure for, and for me, to participate in a recently-launched public service campaign called "A Year Without a Stroke". As part of it, I was interviewed and shared
my story, and I also reached out to my friend, Randall Munson, and asked if he would be willing to share the impact that his wife Sharon's afib-related stroke had had on him and his family. 

Randall and Sharon Munson's story chokes me up every time I see it as Randall shares what Sharon's stroke has done to her, and to him as a caregiver. If you are on the fence about stroke prevention, please watch this powerful story. 

Mellanie's story...


To learn more about the campaign, visit

**This blog post reflects the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the AHA** 

  • Mercy
    Excellent presentation. My deep thanks to Melanie.
  • Eccentric Mom
    Eccentric Mom,
    I'm only 35 years old and was Diagnosed with A-Fib at 29! I'm almost completely bed ridden because I have Degenerative Disc Disease and I am in Severe Chronic Pain, I know that raises the risk even more of having a Stroke and I am Basically Scared to Death of that happening to me!
  • kristen.wadeAHA_ASA
    Eccentric Mom- Thanks for posting. Have you spoken to your doctor about your stroke risk? There is a way that doctors calculate stroke risk for AFib patients that we refer to as the CHA2DS2-VASc risk scoring system. You may want to speak to your cardiologist about this and ensure that you are on the appropriate treatment plan. Thank you, Kristen, AHA
  • evalovic
    Thank you Melanie. Elaine
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