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Did you know that your environment plays a key role in how well you manage your condition?  Of course, a person who stocks his refrigerator with healthy options rather than junk food has a much greater likelihood of eating healthier. He’s created an environment where the healthier choice is the easier choice.

In the same way, there are many opportunities where you can structure your home environment to be a place that supports your healthy living choices and helps you manage your AFib for the best possible outcome.

  • Your bedroom can improve your ability to have a restful sleep.
  • You can build in opportunities to reduce your stress.  
  • You can make it as easy as possible to take and monitor any medications that may be prescribed for you.

>> Creating an Environment for Heart-Healthy Living

>> AFib and Sleep Apnea

>> AFib and Heart-Healthy Sleep Habits

>> AFib, Stress and Emotional Wellness

>> Monitoring Anticoagulation at Home

Learn more about how you can make your healthier choices easier and more likely to happen, and discuss what you’re learning or how you’re experimenting, in our online forum


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