AFib Goals

Set Personal Goals For Better Health

How will these health goals help my AFib? Take small steps to better health!

If you have AFib, you are at risk for stroke and may have additional risk factors as well. But -- good news -- you can do a lot to offset your risks and improve your overall heart health, too, with small changes and tiny steps in the right direction. Give yourself the best odds for a healthier, happier life.

Managing Your Condition Every Day

People living with a condition like atrial fibrillation often have an adjustment period as they learn to manage all of the tasks that need to go right each day in order to live effectively with AFib and reach their treatment goals. If you’ve recently been diagnosed or if you're getting used to a new routine, you may find yourself wondering:

Set Goals By Starting with Simple Changes

Stanford Psychology Professor BJ Fogg has researched what it takes to build new healthy habits, and you may discover that change is easier than you think if you keep those changes very small and celebrate your progress no matter how small.

Feeling Successful

Every small step helps you build a cycle of what Dr. Fogg calls "Success Momentum." When you realize you can successfully manage the small changes, over time you learn what it takes to keep yourself on the path to a longer, healthier life.

So ask yourself where you’d like to make some progress, set an achievable goal for a short period of time, and be sure to give yourself plenty of "high-fives" when you’ve taken those small steps toward your healthiest life.

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