Wonderful Medication Reminder App for Smartphones

Jun 10
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Wonderful Medication Reminder App for Smartphones

Posted by Mellanie at StopAfib.org on June 10,  2016  11:27am EST

I asked a while back what people do to remind themselves of their medications as I was adding a medication that was twice daily to my normal once daily (bedtime) routine.

Most said that they set an alarm on their phone, which I was already doing, but with my crazy-busy life, that just wasn't sufficient. If I was in a meeting, my phone would be on silent and the alarm would show up once or twice, and then just go away. That was fine for evening when my phone was likely not to be in silent mode, but it didn't work during a busy work or travel day.

I've since discovered a tool that works perfectly for me. It's a smartphone app called Medisafe (http://www.medisafe.com/) that is available through the iTunes and Play stores.

I call it "nag-ware" because it reminds me every few minutes until I actually take my med and tell it I've taken it. And if you miss a med, it will tell you. I make sure to take the pill, and then mark it as taken on the app, which is a quick one-step process. 

The first time the alarm went off, it was a shaking pill bottle sound. We live on a farm, so when he heard it for the first time, my husband came unglued and asked if that was a rattlesnake. I immediately changed the sound to avoid giving him a heart attack.

The great thing for me was that when I shifted time zones earlier this week in traveling, the app adjusted for me automatically, moving my 11 am Central reminder to noon Eastern so that I continued taking my med at exactly the right time. 

Here is the story behind the app: "When Omri and Rotem Shor's father accidentally took an extra dose of insulin in 2012, putting him in a dire situation, the brothers quickly learned how common their frightful experience was to so many other people. With only 50% of patients correctly following their regimen and non-adherence causing a death every 4 minutes in the U.S. alone, they knew they had to act. The result? Medisafe."
Has anyone else tried a smartphone app that they like for this? If so, please share that with us, too. Thanks.

  • zippy
    Looks like a GREAT app~! I immediately installed it, added my medications, and am eagerly awaiting my first alarm~!I have been using my alarms on my phone, too, yet if I'm on the phone, they don't ring (audible sound) and there's just a visual reminder, which I can too easily ignore, so I'm looking forward to using this new app.Thank you very much for posting this~!Zippy
  • Yogos
    Thanks so much for the suggestion. When I travel I always have difficulty managing the time changes. Am looking forward to trying this.
  • FlLimeyVt
  • George Daniel
    George Daniel,
    I use this app and it is great. Went from EST Zone to PCT Zone and it adjusted to the new time automatically. Recommend it.
  • VikiVix
    I have the app and use it faithfully. Along with my daily med box it keeps me from forgetting meds. I like the sound like a shaking of a pill bottle for the reminder alarm because if I don't hear it, people around me say what's that which calls my attention to it.
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