The New Look is Here!

Mar 23
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The New Look is Here!

Posted by on March 23,  2018  8:39am EST

The American Heart Association and are excited to announce that My AFib Experience® has a new look! We care about your experience and have worked hard to create a better community experience for you, with more features and information to keep you living your healthiest life.

My AFib Experience® is now LIVE on its new online home within the American Heart Association's Support Network. You'll continue to enjoy the features you know and love while exploring new features such as:
• Your own personal dashboard for daily updates with customized content for your condition
• Monthly Q&A sessions with respected healthcare professionals
• Up to 25 additional health forums including a well-being forum to address your stress, anxiety and depression
• Rehab and Recovery and Stories of Survival sections
• A Heart and Stroke Registry where you can share your experience to help save the lives of future generations
• Special Health Months and Days to participate in

Now that the new look is here, please login using the following steps:

• Login using the same username and password you used for My AFib Experience®.
• You'll be prompted to update your password and once that is complete, you will have access to the AFib site on the Support Network.
• Update your account settings to allow us to send you the information you need
If you have any questions, need assistance or have trouble logging in, please email us at and we'd be happy to assist you.

Please join us in our new home on the Support Network. We look forward to seeing you there!


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  • Jeanamo815

    I am having trouble getting the new site to work.  Somehow my user name was changed with numbers added that I did not add. I did change my password. When I click on a lot of things, nothing comes up.  I think more work needs to be done to make the site easier and quicker to navigate.  It also says that I have not given permission for any information on my profile...very confusing.  I hope the IT folks can improve the site so it is easier to navigate.

  • AHAASAKatie

    Hi Jean, I just want to make sure you have been able to change your settings and are moving around the site OK.

    As you are finding out, the site is different and it is important that you share your feedback with us so we can 1) help you navigate the site and 2) seek out and fix any issues that need addressing. You can do two things, post in the forums or email all concerns to for assistance. 

    For the notifications specifically - this site has a few options and there are steps you must take in order to receive profile comments and site notifications of activity. 

    1- To receive notifications you must change your privacy settings and tell us how often you want to be contacted. 

    -My Account Noficiation Settings  To change your settings, look at the top right corner of the page (logged in view) and click on My Account. 

    -look in the middle of the page and click on Privacy 

    -This section allows you to accept profile comments from other members. Choose the level of access (or privacy) that you want. Make sure you click SUBMIT before leaving this page to move to the next tab which is Notifications. 

    -Notifications  This page allows you to tell us how often you want to be contacted about the activity that happens both on MyAfib and Support Network. Here you have a few options.

    1.At the top of the page you are choosing if you want notifications about interacts on your profile page, conversation forums you are following or actively participating in. Further down the page, you are telling us what other information and activity interests you and how often you want to be emailed about it. 

    A quick note about the email notifications. We are still hammering out the details of how these will work and expect this section to be up and running by early April. 

    If you have questions and concerns, please let us know. We are excited to have you and want to help you with the transition as much as possible. 

    Best Katie

    AHA/ASA Community Manager 

  • KayJo

    Thank you. I have missed communicating with other afib patients.

  • sgt173

    So far I'm not liking the new format so much...

    Why do they allways have to change something ?

    Remember folks Freedom Is not Free !

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