Scientific Sessions 2017 Wrap-Up

Dec 6
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Scientific Sessions 2017 Wrap-Up

Posted by Daphne on December 6,  2017  8:49am EST

Good Morning Family!

Please forgive the lull in communications over the past several weeks. I hope you all are keeping good health and enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday. As you know our annual Scientific Sessions was recently held in Anaheim, CA a couple of weeks ago. Below are a few highlights! See you in the Forum! 

Scientific Sessions Highlights
Below are the digital versions of the “daily news” magazines that were distributed at Sessions. Some of the highlights included the release of the new HBP guidelines for care, and the release of the ASCVD calculator, that can help you understand your risks for heart disease.

Sessions Daily News:
Sat: Day 1 Daily News Ad
Sun: Day 2 Daily News Ad
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Wed: Day 5 Daily News Ad

Interesting News topics:

Study suggests Botox may help prevent AFib after heart surgery

Nearly half of U.S. adults could now be classified with high blood pressure, under new definitions

These people are more prone to blood clots

Pregnancy complication linked to heart failure risk, especially among Asian women

Catching up on sleep over the weekend may not help the heart

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