How to: Log In, Change Username, Set Notifications and Emails

Apr 2
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How to: Log In, Change Username, Set Notifications and Emails

Posted by on April 2,  2018  3:40pm EST

How to Login:  Log In Screen
• Visit
• Click Login button; click Forgot your password
• Enter the same email address used for My Afib Experience; click Reset Password
• Check inbox for AHA Reset Password email; click hyperlink to reset
• Choose new password; confirm that same password
Post Login:

To provide you with the best experience, allow us to send you the information you need and give you access to all the great new features, please consider taking the following steps within My Account settings: 

My Account settings can be found by clicking on  My Account> Your Username (Top right corner) > My Account

Tab 1: My Account My Account Page

• Username - If your original username was 12 characters or more, the system automatically shortened it. However, you can change this here in My Account.
o Create a new username between 5-12 characters (no symbols or spaces accepted)
• From the My Account tab you can also change your primary condition, geographic location or password.
• Click Update to save any new selections/changes.

Tab 2: Privacy 

This section allows you to accept profile comments from other members.
• Choose the level of access (or privacy) that you want.
• Click Update to save your selections.
Tab 3: Notifications

This section allows you to choose notification frequency.

• New Content Notifications - Choose to be notified of new profile comments and conversation forums you're following.
• Activities of Interest - Choose to be notified about numerous community features along with frequency of notification (daily, weekly or monthly).  
• Click Update to save your selections.
Please Note: At this time, you can choose to be notified about posts and follows that are occurring in your primary condition. Notifications regarding all other activities, blogs, Your Questions Answered, etc. will be available in early April 2018.

If you have any questions, need assistance or have trouble logging in, please email us at and we'd be happy to assist you.

Please join us in our new home on the Support Network. We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Vidda

    I’m a caregiver of my 70 yo husband who had a avfistula in April . Dealing with his memory loss and moods is tough . Would like to talk to some one who may have some experience with this 

  • JP2017

    I had a bleed in the brain - in the cerebellum- in September 2017. I have come a long way but I want to walk unaided, ant to drive and play the piano and want to work. I also don't want to feel dizzy or unbalanced all he time. I have an ataxic right hand (I was right handed so I write like a baby with my right hand) and I find it hard to stand or walk.  I know I am lucky  but I want to be as I used to be. Is this possible? I have no Doctor or physio now. 

  • bobsorensen

    New a fib. Diagnosed today 8/25/2020. Looking for dietary info, and meal planning. Retired nurse. Am 73 years old. Very healthy other than this. Dr. Visit 1time a year. No hospitalization for at least 30 years.

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