Holiday Discounts on Peace of Mind (Afib EKG Monitors)

Dec 14
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Holiday Discounts on Peace of Mind (Afib EKG Monitors)

Posted by Mellanie at on December 14,  2016  9:46am EST

The holidays are a perfect time to give yourself peace of mind by purchasing an afib monitor, especially with these holiday discounts (US only) that are being provided through
  • AfibAlert — a standalone device that doesn't require a smartphone — is available at a holiday special price of $199 throughout the month of December.  

  • Kardia Mobile (AliveCor) EKG Device that works with your smartphone — save $25 with our exclusive 25% off discount.

  • Fish
    Hey MelanieYou don't like us Canadian's?Just kidding Fish from Canada
  • normpel
    I just ordered my Kardia. The site is offering the same discount to anyone who orders it now. $74.25 for anyone. My question is: What do I need t know when it comes in in order to use it? I know I need to download the Kardia app for my iPhone 7-Plus but do I need any other accessories to make it work? Thanks
  • andreacha
    Several years ago I bought a blood pressure monitor with cuff at CVS. It was just under $100 at the time. I chose that one because it has an Afib alert on it. When you take your BP it will alarm if you are in Afib. Have found it to be quite accurate.
  • Jesusgirl4evr
    Along with AFIB I also have CHF (congestive heart failure) I can take diuretics which help with fluid build up, but hard to stay consistent when your out and about. Does anyone else have CHF also? I get a rattling sound in chest especially when laying down and sometimes very swollen in ankles , legs, stomach, hands etc. Anyone else have these issues?
  • Mr. Don
    Mr. Don,
    I have accurately told myself when in AFIB or not by simply using my Blood Pressure Cuff. If you have high pulse and LOW blood pressure, most likely, you are in AFIB. If it continues (check every hour) CALL somebody!
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