AFib at Your Office or Workplace

AFib And Work Related Concerns

If you’re supporting a family or have invested in a satisfying career, you may wonder how AFib will affect your job and your ability to do your work. Most people who have AFib are able to continue working, although the diagnostic process and the start-up of new medications can sometimes require some time off at first.

If a new medication has accompanying side effects, it may initially create a challenge for you to do everything you’ve been doing at home and at work. However, many people find that those issues subside as your body becomes accustomed to the new routine.

You may also wonder what you need to share with your co-workers or your boss at your place of work regarding your condition and diagnosis. You may have concerns about what to do if you have an episode of atrial fibrillation while you’re at work.

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What does my workplace need to know about my condition?

AFib, Work Stress and Assessing your Priorities

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