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My AFib Experience When you join the community at My AFib Experience™, you'll be connected with people who understand what it's like to manage atrial fibrillation. In addition to providing encouragement, many of our community members keep up with the latest news that relates to AFib and share on our forums. If you have questions, our members will often help point you toward helpful resources. We hope you'll discover a positive place to give and receive support on our forums. 

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I am newly diagnosed with Afib in Oct 2015...I have found this site to have an amazing amount of information. It is nice to hear how other patients deal with this.  Thank you!

It is very encouraging to see that there are many people living through this AFIB monster, and are living a full life. It helps a lot to know that you are not alone.

Just recently joined this group and have been reading the daily postings. It’s good to know that others are having the same symptoms that I am, and what others are doing to treat their AF and to be an advocate for better treatment.

and discover the value of connecting with our online community. Together, we're building healthier lives. 

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