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Hi I am new to this site I have been taking tikosyn and metoprolol now for 6 yrs warfarin had good results but my dr wanted me to wear a monitor because I had 2 a fib episodes now he is thinking I should possibly have an ablation. I'm a little hesitant but would love  to get off my medication. I would love to hear from people about their experience with ablation. Thanks
  • Posted Wed 22 Feb 2017 08:45 PM CST
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  Thank you for the friend request - I got diagnosed by my GP January 16th, when I went in to see why I was having so much trouble breathing and getting so tired just walking in from a parking lot.He set me up with a Cardio that specialized in electrocardio ... blah, blah.
  I had my first appt with him on January 25th, and he rather quickly explained what a-fib was - told me the tests I had to take (ECG, Stress, Ultra Sound of me carotid arteries) - and the ones he wanted me to take (sleep study, calcium something, a deeper version of the Ultra Sound. My second appt is February 28th, and I have no idea what that appt might entail.
  Just like it says on one of the home page links on our site - there's a lot of contradictory information available. I'm interested to see what course of action my Cardio has in mind - one of the comments he made during the first appt was 'you know you can live A-fib, we just have to keep the heart rate down'.
  Sorry for rambling during my comment to accept your FR, I'm just a little freaked thinking about being tired and winded the rest of my life.
  Again, thanks for reaching out to me
  • Posted Sun 19 Feb 2017 05:24 PM CST
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thank you for your answer,,,and im so so sorry to hear of all your issues and i pray for you that you will find healing and health and soon. i wish this afib thing wasnt happening to us all.
  • Posted Tue 14 Feb 2017 04:17 PM CST
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how do you control your afib if you dont take metoporlol and how can you take asthma meds with afib, doesnt that make the heart race?
  • Posted Mon 13 Feb 2017 09:49 AM CST
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Hi Cookieis 

I have had asthma and high blood pressure since I was in my early 40's.  For a long time my asthma really only flared up with aerobic exercise. So I have been on Diltiazem Er 180 mg fjor blood pressure since early 1990's and a albuterol inhaler as needed. Over years my Blood pressure even on Diltiazem usually was 140/90 something (not great) pulse of 100 or less at the best. By early 2000's Advair was added in for my asthma. Bp and pulse remained at the borderline level. When my Afib hit they added the Metoprolol very low dose to lower my Bp and pulse primarily because they tried to chemically convert me but it didn't work.  When the low dose of Metoprolol didn't make any difference it was increased and then it interfered with my inhalers and I had very bad breathing problems. So i was taken off the Metoprolol and put one Lisinopril hctz 10-12.5 in addition to the Diltiazem. That combo has reduced my bp to 120/80 all the way down to sometime 95/60 after a walk and my resting pulse rate is average about 65. During exersise like walking it goes up to 120 to 130 on hills or into a brisk wind. The above mentioned med changes occured while i was in constant afib.  Eliquis was also added at the start of it all. Now before the lisinopril was added and while i was still on the Metoprolol i had a elctro conversion but it last 10 whole days. So after the removal of Metoprolol we took a rhythm treatment approach instead of a rate treatment approach and that meant Flecainide was added and then 10 days later I had a second electro conversion which took 4 attempts but I converted to nsr and have stayed there for a year now. In the last couple of monrhs my average pulse rate while awake seems to be increasing slowly but kind of steadily. My EP told me before starting the second conversion attempt that i had an ablation in my future so I suspect the Flecainide is probably starting to reach its limit of effectiveness t holding me in nsr, at times if feel little things in my chest but nothing shows on any of my devices but makes me suspect that it's probably only a matter of time before my Afib returns full bore. When that happens then I'm pretty sure  an ablation will be my next step. So the real short answer (way to late now right) is that Flecainide is controlling my Afib for now.  

May we all have NSR 


(Myafibexperience community leader) 
  • Posted Mon 13 Feb 2017 12:24 PM CST
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Rbrandt, Thank you for responding to my question about medication side effects. Your comments confirm my thoughts and I will be seeing my cardiologist on Wednesday to discuss this. I have been on these meds for two months with some changes. I will let you know how I do.

I am still feeling my way around this site and wonder if there is a way to reply to your post from the main page. To get here I clicked on your name and left this comment. Any help will be appreciated. Afibber
  • Posted Tue 24 Jan 2017 08:14 AM CST
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Thank you for the friend request. I am still learning this format. Excited to be here.

  • Posted Mon 16 Jan 2017 06:53 AM CST
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